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How does the Voter Photo ID Law effect you?


With the ruling by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that the Texas ID Law violates the Voting rights Act, voters can now use any of these common photo IDs (Not expired more than four years!) Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued photo IDs
  • Driver license
  • Personal identification card
  • Concealed handgun license
  • Election Identification Certificate United State's Government Issued Photo IDs
  • Passport
  • Military identification card
  • Citizenship certificate or naturalization certificate with photograph


use ANY of these other common IDs (must include voter's name and an address that doesn't have to match your voter registration)

  • Valid voter registration certificate
  • Certified birth certificate
  • Current utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Government check
  • Paycheck
  • or any other government document ( Including...student IDs from public high schools, community colleges, and public universities ) (must include voters name and address) and

complete and sign a form called an "Impediment Declaration" (available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese) Facts:
- Election officials can't question you about using one of the other types of ID.
- Poll watchers may never question any voter about voter ID issues! It is none of their business!
- The address on your ID does not have to match your voter registration address!
- You need to be registered to vote in the county where you live.

Texas Voter Photo ID Law

In 2011, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 14 (SB 14) creating a new requirement for voters to show photo identification when voting in person. While pending review within the judicial system, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its opinion in Shelby County v. Holder, which effectively ended all pending litigation. As a result, VOTERS ARE REQUIRED to present an approved form of photo identification in order to vote in person in all Texas Elections.

The Voter ID law requires that a voter's name on a valid photo ID must EXACTLY match the name listed in the voter registration database. There are no exceptions. Dallas County voters can go to the Dallas County Votes website (link provided below) to review their voter eligibility detail which will show exactly how their name is listed. Again, the name listed on the voter eligibility detail must exactly match the name on the required photo ID that will be used at the polls. If the names DO NOT match, a new voter registration card will need to be completed and filed showing their name exactly as shown on their photo ID.

To go to the Dallas County website to check your registration, CLICK HERE


Texas voters must present ONE of the following seven types of identification:

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) issued:

  • Driver's license
  • Personal identification card
  • Concealed handgun license
  • Election identification certificate (EIC) [see additional informationbelow]

U.S. Government issued:
  • Military identification card with photograph
  • Citizenship certificate or naturalization with photograph
  • Passport

Only the seven photo IDs listed above can be accepted at the polls. Other photo IDs such as student IDs and employer IDs are not acceptable.


  • Photo ID needs to be current or have expired no more than 60 days before voting (citizenship and naturalization certificates have no expiration date).

  • The name on the ID should match the voter registration card. If names don't match, a voter may be accepted if names are "substantially similar." If it is not, you can cast a provisional vote as noted below. To check if your name matches just CLICK HERE NOW. Addresses need not match, but if the addresses do not match, you probably need to update either your id or your registration for other purposes.

  • Voters without acceptable ID can obtain an Election Identification Certificate (EIC) from Texas DPS at NO COST by providing proof of citizenship and identity and registering to vote at DPS or showing a voter registration card.

  • Voters with a documented disability can apply for a voter registration certificate exempting them from the photo ID requirement.

  • Voters who do not show an acceptable ID at the polls can vote a provisional ballot and have six days to show the required photo ID.

  • Photo ID is not required to vote by mail. Voters may apply for a mail ballot if 65 or older, ill or disabled, or absent from their county during early voting and on Election Day.

  • You can update your voter registration online at the Secretary of State site by CLICKING HERE. Note that this service requires the audit number from your most current drivers license or personal id to verify your identity. The audit number is unique to the card, so if you do not have the most current copy of your license or id with you, you will not be able to use this online feature.

To complete a mail-in application, go to the SOS website by CLICK


There is no charge for Election Identification Certificates (EIC) to qualified Texas voters who do not already have an approved form of photo ID required for voting in person. You can get an EIC at ANY driver license office during regular business hours.

In the weeks prior to an election, the following options may be made available and advertised in the media:

(1) the driver license offices will be opened on Saturdays to specifically issue EICs only,

(2) Dallas County Elections will staff EIC mobile stations that will move from area to area.

You need to take with you:

  • Your Birth Certificate (For help obtaining a copy of your Birth Certificate, CLICK NOW


  • Another document verifying citizenship CLICK HERE

AND any Two (2) of the following:
  • Social Security card
  • Voter registration card
  • School records
  • Medicare or Medicaid card
  • ID card issued by a government agency
  • Unexpired insurance policy
  • Expired Texas ID
  • For a complete list CLICK

For additional information and details, go to the VOTER ID LAW website with a CLICK HERE